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Can I hire someone to help setup a scene?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 1:34 am
by MP
I'm not an artist, but I bought CD4 and Octane, because I found it hard to communicate the tweaks I wanted to rendered images that a 3D artist would make for me, so I decided to buy CD4 and Octane, so that I could make tweaks and render images myself. I have the models I want rendered, but I need someone to help setup the scene with lighting and also supply the materials, which can be metal/plastic materials you already have. I don't need custom materials, except for the label that goes on each model. These are all computer components, like: CPU, GPU, Memory etc. There are about 22 total models. I want one on each layer, so I can reuse the same camera/lighting for all of them, since I'm doing the same angle/shot on all of them. This is the type of quality I'm looking for in terms of materials / lighting / camera: ... Pro-M2-SSD I actually tried to contact this person, but couldn't get a hold of them. They used CD4 and Octane for these renders.