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2020.1.5R4 - Team render (animated textures)

Postby LFedit » Sat Nov 21, 2020 11:05 pm

LFedit Sat Nov 21, 2020 11:05 pm
I have a project I'm working on that will not render animated textures through team render with Cinema4D S22.123.

The entire project will render except the animated texture, it's like it just doesn't exist. The render works fine in the live viewer and in the picture viewer with the animated texture. I don't think its a network issue, as the render does completer. The file paths are all there, and each node has access to all the image textures. In the web counsel for team render, the animated texture is listed, and shows the correct number of frames. I also check on the project file that "check materials every frame" is selected.

Is this a limitation of s22? Octane 2020.1.5R4?, or am I possibly missing something else to enable the animated texture in team render.

Any suggestions?
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Re: 2020.1.5R4 - Team render (animated textures)

Postby aoktar » Sun Nov 22, 2020 7:13 am

aoktar Sun Nov 22, 2020 7:13 am
Can you try with different C4D version? And do you see file errors in Console(SHIFT+F10) output?
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