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rendering issue / cinema4d octane renderer

PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 9:39 pm
by ello
Hi, i just came along an issue with my created polygons. its happening when i try to render with the octane renderer. dunno if it applies to other external renderers. thing work fine inside cinema (standard renderer or physical)

when i convert my pluginobject it still doesnt render. but, as soon as i somehow touch the polygon (be it, that i move it or do anything else to it) it renders.

here is how i create the polygon object:
PolygonObject* plane = PolygonObject::Alloc(4,1);
if (!plane) return false;
Vector *next = plane->GetPointW();
CPolygon *rvadr = plane->GetPolygonW();

next[0] = p0 + Vector(0,0,iplFitB)*dir(p0,p1) + Vector(0,0,iplFitS)*dir(p0,p3) + Vector(iplWidth*0.5,0,0) * dir(p0,p2) - centerPoint;
next[1] = p1 + Vector(0,0,iplFitT)*dir(p1,p0) + Vector(0,0,iplFitS)*dir(p1,p2) + Vector(iplWidth*0.5,0,0) * dir(p0,p2) - centerPoint;
next[2] = p2 + Vector(0,0,iplFitT)*dir(p2,p3) + Vector(0,0,iplFitE)*dir(p2,p1) + Vector(iplWidth*0.5,0,0) * dir(p0,p2) - centerPoint;
next[3] = p3 + Vector(0,0,iplFitB)*dir(p3,p2) + Vector(0,0,iplFitE)*dir(p3,p0) + Vector(iplWidth*0.5,0,0) * dir(p0,p2) - centerPoint;
rvadr[0] = CPolygon(0,1,2,3);

question is, what could make the difference for the octane renderer? any ideas? exporting it to the octanerenderer works, so it seems to be something within the cinema integrated octane...

thanks in advance,

Re: rendering issue / cinema4d octane renderer

PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 9:47 pm
by aoktar
Maybe a uvw problem. I can check it if you drop a generated mesh

Re: rendering issue / cinema4d octane renderer

PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2014 5:41 am
by ello
here you go...

edit: by adding these two lines the problem got solved
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