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DAZ Studio Plugin / Skin Material and Gloss Question

Postby Banti » Wed Jan 22, 2020 12:29 pm

Banti Wed Jan 22, 2020 12:29 pm
Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding skin material for the DAZ Studio Plugin.
Since the Plugin discussion seems to be for licenced customers only, i tried to post in the "Student/Subscriber" Forum but that doesnt work, even tho
i have a subscription. I dont know why. This seems to be the only Forum area i can post in so i thought id give it a shot.

I only recenently started using the Octane plugin for Daz and tried to replicate some CG Art i found that i know are made with the octane Plugin.
What i am currently struggling with is the "wet/sweaty" look on the skin. I tried using glossy, specular and universal material and played around with
Roughness/Specular and even the coating in the universal material. But none of them really give me a wet look. I also have the suspiscion that my
lighting just isnt right for this. But i tried using HDRIs and the Daylight environment with mixed results.

I came across an, uhm.. "adult" game, that shows exactly what i am looking for in the skin "wetness/gloss". Here is the Link to
2 pictures that i am talking about: https://imgur.com/a/8w3LBAS

Can someone share how they would go about replicating this particular skin? I had good results with just pluging it
into the Diffuse/Albedo of glossy and universal material wich gives ok results. But its this "thin film" over the skin in those
pictures that i am trying to replicate. I sometimes get i close to it when i play with the light, but its more of a random
occurence. Wich brings me to my second question.

How would you go about lighting interiors in general? So that those skin deatils and the thin layer come out even when its not overly
bright in the scene? Is there a general "consense" on how to light an interior ? I tried making the (not visible) walls and ceiling emmit light but it
doesnt really bring the glossiness and skin details in general. So i would like to know other peoples opinion on how they light their scenes.

I would me greatfull for every tipp and opinion to help me get better :)
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Licensed Customer
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