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Free Planet Earth Scene in Cinema 4D + Octane

PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 4:34 am
by Poly4D
Hi everyone, stopping by to give out a model of the earth I created using Octane in Cinema 4D. I was able to get a pretty solid falloff on the atmosphere to mimic atmospheric scattering turning the edges that approach darkness red and the rest more blue. One thing I haven't gotten around to doing is actually making the atmosphere falloff in thickness from the center of the earth. I imagine I'd use a VDB file for that. Here's an image for reference.

(image was post-processed in photoshop)

Although my plan original plan was to give this out on my website,, with a ton of other free stuff. There's no need for you guys to navigate there to get this scene as I'm attaching it directly to this post. Regardless the site is under heavy construction for the next month or so.

Please feel free to leave feedback on the scene. Hope you enjoy