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Books for Motion graphics/Design

Postby JedBowden » Sat Sep 17, 2016 10:15 pm

JedBowden Sat Sep 17, 2016 10:15 pm
Hey everyone,

I completed my screen and media diploma earlier this year but had received recognized learning for pretty much the whole motion graphic side of exams/assignments so I never had to do that side of assignments but now I'm left with pretty much no showreel to apply for jobs with. Well the work I had done in the past I didn't want to use because it was seriously out dated and hardly motion graphics so I decided to delete that awhile ago but am wanting to start fresh and make a showreel from scratch. I was just wandering what everyone's approach/experience was when it came to going for a job and how they made a showreel without being told what to make. Does it sound like a good idea to make a showreel of motion graphics on mock projects that I pitch myself from real companies? Also I was wandering if anyone could recommend any graphic design or motion graphic books for me to read to enhance my knowledge I feel abit rusty and wouldn't mind reading what does and what doesn't look good on screen. I realized I can pretty much read content on graphic design aswell and apply it to my motion graphic work, I'm also wanting to make some everyday stills before I start working on my showreel and start animating my graphics would this be a good idea?

sorry if that all was hard to understand I'm just abit lost with where to start, I've done motion graphics in the past for some companies but I really want to learn the fundamentals of it all to enhance the motion graphics I end up making.
so if anyone would be able to help me out with any good reads or tell me how they have learnt over the past to land a job that would be great. I feel like if I just posted on forums and dug through the internet I could make a showreel of what I already know and people helping me out but I pretty much want to better myself and not have to rely on other people to help me with stuff I feel like I should already know and should be creating myself.

will repost if everyone thinks I'm all over the place and don't understand what I'm asking for abit tired at the moment but wanted a answer asap

thanks dudes :twisted:
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