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Live DB license

PostPosted: Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:52 pm
by vsipola
Good day

I'd like to know about the license of the Live DB materials.

Apparently most of the materials are submitted by people other than the Otoy group. There's no information about pricing, and the default rules for sending a material in the DB seems to require no license clauses. Is it so, that I'm not legally allowed to use those materials for my own images (since they are copyrighted to random people) and I cannot buy them either, since, well, there's no way to do that? Or should I just understand that anything sent into the live DB are meant to be used by anyone anyway, even when full copyright is kept by the original authors? This would seem strange and possibly contains a legal risk.

If it in deed is so, that I'm not allowed to use the materials for any public work, the whole library seems to be somewhat useless, at least for any other purpose than to learn making materials.

Sorry if this has been asked before. It seems that every word that I try to write to the "search" -field returns "word is too common".