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Silicon Science through Dragonflies Competition Entries

PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:01 am
by p3taoctane
I have been working on and off on these images for the competition and in some cases for various inspirations and odd jobs that I decided to enter into the competition.
Some used prior Octane Versions prior to 2.4 but I opened them in 2.4 for proof of rendering in Octane render and let them bake for less time than most of the submitted images.

First two entries were experimentations with glass and emitters. Just liked the way they turned out. As before 480s approx 3 hours ea.

Trying different skin texture methods and I used an emitter with a texture. Liked the way it looked. Rendered 2 hours on 2 480s

Graphic for a Magazine where one of the topics is optical fiber being used for internet. Almost all the elements have some emitter on them. Rendered overnight on 2 480s

Diabetes Illustration for a Magazine. Table and cake from an model archive. Rendered overnight on 2 480s. Photosop file lightened the image and added some sine waves.

Science Magazine submission. Showing "genetic" production of silicate. This is the same product used by a simple sea sponge and also ends up in our computer chips. The sea sponge grows this material at ocean temp without imperfection into very elaborate skeletons. If we can figure out how to do the same we can produce waste free complex computer chips at a fractio of current costs. Rendered 6 hours on two 480s