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Round one

PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2015 9:37 pm
by ristoraven
First, congratulations to Chriz. Well earned victory, especially when kept in mind that you did this as "blind" without DK2 nor GearVR, only by a hunch. Well done :)

I for one have been thus far interested only in techniques. Advanced Placement for example is a brand new tool, so my entry was just that, different techniques combined first time all together. Next what has bugged me quite a bit are the scales of stuff in VR space and the correct IPD. Not that simple thing. There´s no youtube tutorials and no official instructions. At the moment these are off in all entries.. But, this is a first bus stop on the road to a whole new space and it looks awesome already. I think it would be a good idea if there would be some common set up "standard" for these and instructions how to set these up. Sure, it might give advantage to some degree to keep these to ones self and let everybody figure these out themselves, but, it seems that these judges are not that amazed about techniques, but an idea and that's how it is supposed to be. Technology is, like John Carmack says, just a canvas where ideas are painted on. I have never been able to sell technique to any customer, but and idea. So, no wonder my entry wasn't even on top ten list: it lacks an idea.

Well, now I think I have somewhat nailed these scales and techniques down to optimal configurations, so no more testing. For the next round(s), it´s time to get serious, time to get an idea.

I'll go with 2 meter tall real life scale reference model and model everything compared to this. Ipd is 95 mm. To me this gives most natural look and the ipd compensates the 2 meter tall figure down to about 178 cm average size person.. This works in 50 meter by 50 meter open area. I haven´t tested this on wide open area with huge mountains or stuff like that, so these scales apply only to this sort of medium sized space..

I think this contest is exactly at the right time when keeping in mind that CV1 will be launched early next year, where my real goal is. To be fully armed and operational then. So, if people keeps pushing now all their brain and artistic powers, there just might be some awesome Octane content when the VR actually hits the markets big time.

Re: Round one

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2015 1:25 am
by Rikk The Gaijin
Wait, who won? Where is the thread about it? :?

EDIT: found it

Re: Round one

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2015 1:32 am
by ristoraven

I saw it from here: ... 1-winners/

There's also feedback to the winners from the judges.

Re: Round one

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2015 1:39 am
by Rikk The Gaijin
Congratulation to all the winners! 8-)
I will have to do my best to be competitive :?

Re: Round one

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2015 8:02 am
by maxwood
Congratulations to the winners! There seems to be a very clear theme of how the judges are interpreting Metaverse so at least that gives us some clues.