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RNDR orbx not uploading

Postby miko1998 » Sun Sep 12, 2021 8:36 am

miko1998 Sun Sep 12, 2021 8:36 am
For some reason files greater than 600MB have trouble uploading into RNDR (Even if zipped). Basically it goes from 0 to 100% in a minute, then after 5~10 minutes it goes back to 0% and going 0 to 100 again and this happens indefinitely. (This is happening with all the web browsers I use) I even did it overnight couple of times and still stalls when I check back.

My internet speed is 900+mbps download, 29mbps upload. 8ms ping with a cat8 ethernet cable.

For some reason, a coworker is able to upload their file on safari with half the internet speed I have without any problems, and a tech support at RNDR can do so as well with chrome at half the speed

I've tried almost everything from clearing cookies/cache, disabling firewall & antivirus, disabling all chrome extentions, using wifi/powerline, as well as trying to upload to file on different browsers like opera, firefox, and microsoft edge.

I double checked all my drivers making sure they are up to date, and also checked admin settings on my router to diagnose potential problems. The project opens perfectly fine in standalone (The recommended version)

Has anyone ever faced this problem or know what other things I can check? I'm about to buy an Ethernet to USB adapter to also test on my laptop.
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