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C4D/Octane to Unity/Octane real time

PostPosted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 4:13 pm
by archiform3d
Hello, I have struggling to find a streamlined solution to delivering my C4D/Octane architectural projects to a realtime environment in Unity. It would appear that I need to rebuild the entire set of materials to do it or go through a painstaking process of baking textures, which would mean I lose a lot of cool realtime features, like allowing a viewer to change a material like a kitchen bench to see how it looks.

I could resign to not having Octane quality if I have to for some purposes, and fully expect to, but then rebuilding the whole thing is so painstaking, which seems crazy considering that they two apps are already talking to each other to some extent. It gets worse when you consider that clients are always issuing revisions - to do them once in C4D/Octane and then rebuild every time in Unity/Octane.........

In a semi-perfect world I would hope that I could translate into Unity and have a fully textured model ready to go, even if it didn’t use the Octane engine for delivery, but it would appear that I cant have it.

I see comments about it being worked on for runtime delivery but nothing that looks like “we have figure it out”. If they had that it would be great.

Any ideas? Is anyone successfully going from C4D/Octane to Unity/Octane? If so then is there a way to deliver a realtime product without rebuilding all materials?

Re: C4D/Octane to Unity/Octane real time

PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 7:57 pm
by Michael_Ricker
I am not an expert in Octane for Unity, just a fellow humble Octane/c4D user who also wants realtime game engine octane quality...

That being said, it is my understanding that the biggest challenge with converting to game engine/realtime happens because of two major things:

needing proper UV maps...

adequate topology in your model geometry...I guess the two are really one and the same most often.

Octane is NOT a realtime engine at the end of the day it bakes images, which it accomplishes by rendering still frames or in this case, it can bake UV maps.

Am I missing something or is my high level understanding some what accurate?


- M