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Multiple UV Channel Support

Postby jpetty7317 » Fri Sep 20, 2019 3:00 pm

jpetty7317 Fri Sep 20, 2019 3:00 pm
Hi there,

I have a question regarding UV channel support with the Octane renderer in Unity.

First, a little context to explain the constraints. The renders we perform will be of fully dynamic scenes. There will have been no direct human interaction with the scene prior to kicking off the render. So all meshes and materials are placed and created via code. Because of this and time, we are attempting to assemble the materials as straight up Unity materials, using their Metallic Roughness Standard shader, which the formal documentation says Octane supports. While this works for most of our traditionally created content, we do have a measurable amount of content where the detail Albedo and/or Normal maps need to utilize the second UV channel of the mesh.

This is something easily adjusted within the inspector options for the Unity Standard shader, and does show the desired result in the Scene/Game view. However, the PBR Viewport is showing the same mesh with Detail Maps only mapped as though they were using the first UV channel. I have attached a screenshot that shows the mesh in the Scene view(rendering correctly) as compared to the PBR Viewport. I was hoping you might be able to provide some advice on how to address this. If at all possible avoiding the need for creating full on Octane materials.

As you can see in the screenshot I have attached. each material on the mesh is using the Unity Standard shader. Each set of detail maps is set to use the second UV channel of the mesh. The most notable differences are in the patterned pillows and the wood grain on the base, but close examination of the more basic fabrics shows the exact same behavior. Thank you in advance for any advice or assistance on addressing this.

Using Plugin version
Using Octane version 2019.1 (6000100) / Tier OctaneRender Prime
Using Unity version 2019.2.5f1

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