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Octane Render for After Effect 3.08.1-R1 [Beta]

PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:30 pm
by BK
Hi all,

Here is our Octane Render Studio for After Effect 2017-3.08.1-R1 beta plugin.
The plugin is mostly dedicated to work with external 3d files(ORBX) then render using After Effect and currently available for our Subscription users only.

Just run the .exe installer and make sure to locate the AE installation directory path. e:g; ( C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2017 ).

Simple usage
    1. Provide your Otoy SSO user id and password if the login dialog pops up.

    2. Create an AE camera.

    3. Create a Solid layer then apply Octane Render from Effect menu.

    4. Enable floor or locate layers->Object-1 section. Click Enable checkbox if you are using Object-2. Find an ORBX file to load. Your ORBX file should contain a render target or geometry output node to work properly.
    The Octanerender effect will react to the AE camera to match AE content. Locate your camera to find your 3D scene.

Performance notes
For fast viewport updates, always work on very low max samples(ex. less than 16 samples) of kernels. Otherwise, the image update will take much time and delay happens.
Use "Fast Previews" for quicker updates.

Edit via Scene Editor
Locate "Editor" button in the effect and click it.
Manage current ORBX, lights, kernel, environment, etc.. in there. Add new ORBX files by dropping to Scene Editor from windows explorer. Most geometries can be selectable by render viewport or scene tree window.

Orbx files
The plugin can use ORBX files as absolute paths or relative to the project path. So you don't need to worry about copying your projects. Just keep your 3d files(orbx/obj/etc..) in path of aep file.

Creating ORBX files
You can use Standalone or any 3d host software with Octane plugins to export directly ORBX files. For example Cinema 4D with Octane plugin, you can use the Live Viewer window to export any single frame or animated scenes. There are several commands to do this.

1-Edit in Standalone when you have any scene on renderer. But you should set Standalone application from the Settings window.
2-Export Package(ORBX) for a single frame
3-Animated Package for animations

Compatibility for ORBX files
After Effects plugin requires some nodes in ORBX to define the connections. Orbx should contain a Rendertarget or Geometry Out node with connections to geometries. So plugin can understand the which geometries will be used.

Known Issue and limitation

    - If you sign in with an account with no available subscriptions, the application may crash. In order to avert this crash, and sign in with an Octane Render Studio users, you need to delete the files in `%APPDATA%\OctaneRender\` (DO NOT DELETE any of the sub-folders)
    - Objects accept only .orbx files.
    - Under and Octane Render Effect, only object-1 and object-2 are supported in the Node Graph Edit.
    - The OctaneRender AE2017-3.08.1 - R1 version has some 3.08.1 features not yet implemented in the plugin.
    - Octane Motion blur is feature is unavailable as there are no ways for After Effect to send animation data to the engine. As a workaround user must use the After Effect Motion blur.

You can download via the customer downloads area here: ... LL&ver=ALL

Octane for After Effect documentation link here :

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If you encounter any issues using the plugin, please contact us at [email protected]