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Exporting Octane .orbx or Alembic

PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 3:41 pm
by Renart
A. Windows 10
C. 12Go
D. Nvidia driver version latest
E. OctaneRender Standalone version 2018.1 RC3
F. OctaneRender plugin version 2018.1 17.1
G. Blender 2.79


I'm trying to export a .orbx scene from Blender to Octane Standalone. The scene contains an animated alembic imported with some vertex color attributes that I'm using in a diffuse material.

But for some reason the file exported contains only the 1st frame for the animated object (the static objects are fine)
Sometimes the export doesn't give me any file at all and sometimes blender simply crash. Just by retrying again and again to export the same file.
Exporting via the Octane Alembic doesn't give me better result.

Any idea how to do? Thanks

Re: Exporting Octane .orbx or Alembic

PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 2:57 am
by DrawFun
Hi Renart,

Thanks for your report.
On one hand, we fixed some resharpable mesh issues in 17.2, which is near soon. Could you please check it in 17.2 once it is out?
On the other hand, it seems like there are some animated meshes in your scene. Could you please check the mesh type of them? Please set the mesh type as "Movable"(Only location animation) or "Resharpable"(vertex animation) according to your usages.


Re: Exporting Octane .orbx or Alembic

PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 7:11 pm
by Renart
Thank You DrawFun,

I will test this in the next version.
Setting the geometry to reshapable doesn't give me better result. The file simply doesn't exist after the export is done.
If I apply the modifier that is loading cache and export the scene it crashes.
The file has vertex color data, I don't know if it's related but it's important for me to keep them.

I hope there is a solution!