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OctaneRender™ for Blender 2018.1.2 - 17.7 [OBSOLETE]

Postby azen » Fri Apr 26, 2019 2:25 am

azen Fri Apr 26, 2019 2:25 am
OctaneRender™ for Blender plugin. Windows, Linux and OSX versions. The download links provided are for Perpetual License Holders.

OctaneRender Studio subscribers can access their software from the "Downloads" section of their Customer Account Page.


  • Updated to 2018.1.2
  • Reorganize kernel UI layout
  • Have Smoothing on for newly added materials
  • Optimized object upload process(Turn it on at "User Preference-Add ons-Octane-Optimized Object Generation Mode")
  • Now octane will save passes as exr to "Render-Output" folder(to fix the cryptomatte pass export issue)
  • Use blender temp folder("User Preference-File-Temp") to save octane temp files
  • Support "Camera Mapped" in alpha image and float image
  • Add "Toon shadow ambient"("Render-Octane kernel-Toon shadow ambient")
  • Add "Cast shadow" for toon lights
  • Add volume properties in Material panel
  • Reorganize kernel UI layout
  • Have Smoothing on for newly added materials


  • Fix rendering issue when objects are hidden
  • Fix the animation export issue
  • Fix unwanted reflection filter pass in exprted orbx

You can read about new features of OctaneRender™ 2018.1.2 here:

The installation consists from two parts:
1. OctaneRender™ Server
2. Blender - OctaneRender™ edition.

After starting OctaneServer it will take some time before the LiveDB tree and LiveDB material previews will be available from Blender - as OctaneServer caches the LiveDB data from remote server right after starting. But only the materials groups tree will be re-cached every time after server start, LiveDB material preview images will be cached only once - so only the very first OctaneServer start will need some more time before LiveDB tree will be available in Blender.
After the server is run - you can start rendering (or open a rendered view) from inside Blender.


DOWNLOAD (both distributives must be reinstalled, they depend on each other)

Blender Octane Edition - 2018.1.2 - 17.7 (2.79)
Octane Server - 2018.1.2 - 17.7


- Just run the installer to see its command line keys.;)
- If you need to run OctaneServer - run it as daemon:
Code: Select all
$ OctaneServer &


Blender Octane Edition - v2018.1.2 - 17.7 Linux


- Just run autoinstaller file.
- Or, if you know what you are doing, you can use the ZIP archive to copy .app files manually.


ZIP archive: Blender Octane Edition - v2018.1.2 - 17.7 OSX ZIP

Please note, in regards to Bug Reporting:

- Bug Reports in this section refer to plugin-specific bugs only. Bugs originating from the Octane Standalone should be reported to the Standalone Forum section instead

- For faster troubleshooting, please provide as much information as possible. Please include:
  • Your Hardware specifications (unless they are included in your signature)
  • A clear description of the issue you have found
  • Steps that you took to trigger this bug, so that we can reproduce it (ideally, please also provide screenshots. If possible, files for testing would also be appreciated).
  • Whenever possible, please confirm that this issue is only happening in the plugin, and not also in the Standalone Edition (if the bug occurs in both, it is likely that this issue should be reported in the OctaneRender Standalone section of the Forums).

- Please bear in mind - we are primarily an English-Language Forum. Please do not take offense if we request further clarification due to language differences.
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