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OctaneRender™ for Blender 3.05 - 11.19 [OBSOLETE]

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 2:50 am
by JimStar
OctaneRender™ for Blender plugin. Windows, Linux and OSX versions.


  • Fixed LiveDB crash with some materials.
  • Minor fixes and improvements...

You can read about new features of OctaneRender™ 3.0 here:

The installation consists from two parts:
1. OctaneRender™ Server
2. Blender - OctaneRender™ edition.

After starting OctaneServer it will take some time before the LiveDB tree and LiveDB material previews will be available from Blender - as OctaneServer caches the LiveDB data from remote server right after starting. But only the materials groups tree will be re-cached every time after server start, LiveDB material preview images will be cached only once - so only the very first OctaneServer start will need some more time before LiveDB tree will be available in Blender.
After the server is run - you can start rendering (or open a rendered view) from inside Blender.

If you need to see the changelog of current rendering core, or download standalone installer to get network slave and daemon please find it here:


DOWNLOAD (both distributives must be reinstalled, they depend on each other)

Blender Octane Edition - 11.19 (2.78a)
Octane Server - 11.19

DEMO is available. Use the same Octane edition of Blender for DEMO version of OctaneServer.

Octane Server DEMO - 11.19


- Just run the installer to see its command line keys.;)
- If you need to run OctaneServer - run it as daemon:
Code: Select all
$ OctaneServer &


Blender Octane Edition - v11.19 Linux

DEMO is available..

Blender Octane Edition DEMO - v11.19 Linux


- Just run autoinstaller file.
- Or, if you know what you are doing, you can use the ZIP archive to copy .app files manually.


Autoinstaller: Blender Octane Edition - v11.19 OSX Autoinstaller
ZIP archive: Blender Octane Edition - v11.19 OSX ZIP

DEMO is available..

Autoinstaller: Blender Octane Edition DEMO - v11.19 OSX Autoinstaller
ZIP archive: Blender Octane Edition DEMO - v11.19 OSX ZIP

Please, if you decided to report a bug:

- Don't post in Blender section the reports about how Octane engine works - use the Octane Standalone forum sections for that.
- Give a meaningful description about what you think is wrong and how to reproduce it (in addition to screenshots if any). I can't solve the "one screenshot" rebuses without any meaningful description...
- If you use Google-translator to post here - check please what you got before posting it, and edit it before posting. Ask your friends to check it if you don't speak English.