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orc is a absolute mess

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 12:59 pm
by crackfox
so i fought and fought, and finally got a project of mine close to finished.
the render failures, the flakyness, the crashes, it all made the project much more time consuming than it should have been. octane is an extremely fragile puppy.

still, i am happy with the visuals and ready to go.
i could not lower the rendering time much because of heavy fog.
to get it clean it actually takes 8000 samples. i am rendering at 1920x1080.
on my dual 1080ti it takes around 40mins per frame.

now the fun part:

i figured, ok, lets try this cloud thing. the plan was to use it regularly on final animations.
first off - my scene baked out was 100gb. exporting it took hours and i also think that my frames got truncated to 1400 (is there a limitation to frame length?)
loading the 100gb scene into standalone, compiling it, took again ages.
uploading is a joke. the scene starts uploading, then freezes for a long time, then says it has failed.(i have tried 3.07, 3,08test6, 4 xb2)
i tried a bunch of different frame ranges and in the end i managed to upload a segment of 20frames.

the screenshot uploaded brought me to the job options and i set my render range to 10frames.
my 2x1080ti make for some 365 bench points i guess and the estimator gave me the estimate of 40$ for the 10frames.
you do the math for 2000 frames.

now i realize things are not free and am willing to spend and invest wherever needed, but paying 8k$ for an animation rendering is beyond crazy.

still after all the struggle, even the 10 frames would not render.
i got asset mismatch error, so there.

i have had alot of patience with this company but at this point i am just so [email protected] tired.
i keep returning to octane but it turned to be a colossal waste of time.
used to praise it for the superb quality but now i am done with it.

every experience i have had with otoy, beyond the really nice rendering quality, was an utter disaster.
i am amazed tbh.

who ever is reading this - go redshift. this mess is not worth it.

Re: orc is a absolute mess

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:58 am
by crackfox
fwiw i am only dismayed but the software stability and reliability itself.
the support was fantastic at every turn.

i know this is plain ol bitchi but i just cant handle it anymore.
the orc experience broke me.