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Scene not rendering correctly.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 9:24 pm
by Draydin_r
Hi All,

I'm trying out ORC and I'm having a problem. it seems my scene is way to dark for what it should be.

I'm getting this:

When I should be getting this:

Can anyone help me? I don't want to throw more money at this if it will not render correctly. The octane version I'm using is 3.06.4 on both my side and on ORC.


Re: Scene not rendering correctly.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 8:37 am
by bepeg4d
Hi Draydin,
open your .orbx in Standalone, and check the response curve/gamma settings compared with the output format you have chosen.
If the saved rendering is correct in Standalone, you have to have the same result also in ORC.
ciao Beppe